Naivedya Cup Sambrani Pack of 4 + Bhimseni Camphor Combo

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Naivedya Cup Sambrani - Pack of 4

  • MADE WITH NATURAL RESINS: Naivedya Sambrani Cups are made with benzoin resins (Sambrani) for a convenient, traditional Sambrani experience in today's fast times.
  • FILLS YOUR ENVIRONMENT POSITIVE ENERGY: Created using ethically and sustainably sourced pure ingredients, Naivedya Sambrani Cup is ready to use. These Sambrani Cups for Pooja energize your pooja room, meditation and home.
  • EASY TO USE: Naivedya Sambrani Havan Cups are handy for everyday puja, rituals and festivals. They come with a fiber burner plate. Hold the Sambrani Dhoop Cup from below, light the outer rim uniformly and place the cup on the plate/heat-resistant surface.
  • NATURAL, GUGGUL FRAGRANCE: When lit, Naivedya Sambrani Cups (Dhoop Cups/Loban Cups/Havan Cups for Pooja) spread a warm, natural fragrance brimming with the goodness of Sambrani (Guggul), leaving you feeling calm and positive.
  • BURNING TIME: 20 minutes I Pack of 4 12 Cups per pack

Bhimseni Camphor 100g - 1

Bhimseni Camphor, also known as Pacha Karpuram, has been an integral part of our household and prayer usage since ancient times. It naturally occurs in the stems of Dryobalanops camphora.

Karpure Bhimseni Karpur Camphor Tablets, from the House of Cycle Pure, is made from absolute high quality, 100% pure camphor. Its soothing, divine fragrance instills a sense of calmness and enhances your prayer experience, while effectively repelling mosquitoes. It evaporates completely, leaving behind no residue.

Karpure Bhimseni Camphor Tablets are ideal for daily puja, rituals, festive occasions. This pack comes in an airtight container to minimize sublimation/evaporation.

Pack Content : Cup Sambrani Pack of 4 ( 48 Pcs) + 100g Bhimseni Camphor
Fragrances : Sambrani , Camphor

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