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Darbari Incense Sticks | Set of 2 Luxurious Fragrances

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Crafted in honour of our founder, Sri. N. Ranga Rao, Darbari signifies our unwavering commitment to excellence, tradition, and the art of creating original fragrances. Mysuru agarbathi has long graced the royal courts, temples and the homes of our people, elevating our senses while fostering a connection with the divine. 

Experience the Darbari pack, featuring two exceptional fragrances that are great for festive occasions and milestones in your life.

RED Pack 

Immerse yourself in a floral, fresh symphony created from this exceptional blend of Roses, Jasmine, Hyacinth and Honeysuckle. Enhanced by subtle woody ambering musk notes, this fragrance promises an enchanting olfactory experience. 

Transform your special occasions into extraordinary moments of luxury with Darbari. 


Indulge your senses with this vibrant fragrance that captures the essence of the royal Mysore Sandalwood. Enriched with an intense touch of animalic musk notes, it radiates an allure that evokes the majestic heritage of Mysuru.

Create a captivating atmosphere during weddings, festive gatherings, and special occasions, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Pack Content : Total of 24 sticks in one pack. 12 sticks in each pouch. 2 pouches in a pack.
Item Form : Stick
Type of Bathi : Masala Bathi
Number of Sticks : 24 N
Burning Time : 60 minutes
Length of Stick : 22.86 cm
Fragrances : FloralSandal

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Siddharth Joshi
Different level of fragrance

This is a complete different level of fragrance. Creates perfect ambience for Puja and the fragrance is so beautifully captured, it uplifts your mood.

Nirmal Kumar
Pleasant and unique fragrance

I found it incredibly aromatic and delightful. It creates such positive vibes and really helps to calm the mind. It's perfect for that unique and unforgettable fragrance experience..

Hari Prasad
Product look and feel is good

It comes with nice box and stick holder and match box .
Moderate smoke and it's not irritating.
It clam and soothing.
But I want something extra when it comes to fragrance because when I open a stick it smells nice but when it starts burning results are not that effective.

Ramesh Raja
Blue Pack in Darbari Incense sticks fragrance needs to be improved at par with Red Pack

I have Purchased 5 Boxes of Darbari Incense sticks so far, and Have frank opinion about the product. The Red Pack incense sticks are excellent ones and smell stays for a long time. However, Blue Pack is very very ordinary compared to Red. Infact, when compared to Blue Pack sticks, Dasara Agarbathis are better one. Cycle ned to improve the fragrance of Blue Pack in tune with Red Pack.


Good superb fragrance nice performance