Heritage Handcrafted Prayer Sticks Gift Pack | Set of 8 Assorted Fragrances

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Cycle Pure Heritage Handcrafted Prayer Sticks are India's real heritage bathi made the traditional way. This gift pack collection contains eight timeless fragrances, each inspired by an ancient Indian art form - Kalamkari, Madhubani, Mysore, Pattachitra, Sanjhi, Santhal, Tanjore, Warli.

These prayer sticks are crafted using the traditional 'base' bathi. Each fragrance has been thoughtfully created to take you on a sensory journey into the heart of these arts. Every pack contains a unique heritage postcard.


A classic fragrance inspired by the 2500-year-old Madhubani folk art in the Mithila region in Bihar.

Madhubani Heritage Prayer Sticks captures the mesmerising scent of Jasmine and Rose with strong notes of Sandal and Amber. 


Dedicated to the vibrant Warli tribal art from the North Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, Warli Heritage Prayer Sticks are a delicate blend of rich Sandalwood, Champaka, resins and essential oils. 


A refreshing fragrance that resonates with the striking tribal art from the Santhal Paragana region in Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand. Santhal Heritage Prayer Sticks has the timeless fragrance of Sandalwood with a touch of clove and citrus undertones.


A vibrant fragrance that celebrates the fascinating Sanjhi folk art from Lord Krishna’s hometown Mathura. Sanjhi Heritage Prayer Sticks are created with the earthy fragrance of Patchouli and blended with a twist of Lilly of Valley.


Set out on a journey into the heart of Odisha's heritage with Pattachitra Heritage Prayer Sticks. This unique creation is infused with the rich, mesmerizing fragrance of amber and resinous undertones.


Tanjore Heritage Prayer Sticks are dedicated to the opulent art form of Tanjore Paintings from Thanjavur. The exceptional fragrance blend of attar, sandalwood, musk and vanilla transports you to a world of royalty that these paintings evoke visually.


Kalamkari Heritage Prayer Sticks are a fragrant tribute to the cherished Kalamakari art form. They carry the delicate notes of edible rose combined with sweet essence of vanilla.


Mysuru Heritage Prayer Sticks celebrate the grandeur of the illustrious Mysore Paintings. This incense is meticulously handcrafted with the classic, cherished combination of sandalwood and jasmine.

Each gift pack contains 8 Packets of 100g each (70N in each packet).

Burning time per stick: 40 minutes

*Every purchase of Heritage Prayer Sticks helps support heritage artists.

Item Form : Sticks
Type of Bathi : Base Bathi
Number of Sticks : 70 N per packet
Burning Time : 40 Minutes
Length of Stick : 9 Inch
Fragrances : Assorted

Customer Reviews

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Yagnesh N Patel

Nice and good fragrance all of the best.



Ankur Sarkar

Wonderful product range. Frangrant smell is very good, I loved it.

Savitha P Shetty

An amazing product! Ideal for gifting purpose.