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Mahogany Wooden Pooja Chowki / Peeta


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Mane or Wooden Seating Plank is essential for any household. They are an integral part of every Pooja, Yaga and other religious rituals as well as to assist you in your day to day activities.

Also commonly referred to as Manai/Palagai/Pooja Chowki/ Aasana they can be used to place idols for Pooja or for sitting during the rituals.

Multipurpose Wooden Pooja Chowki from Soulveda Kraftz is made of Mahagony wood to make it as a general-purpose seating plank. Made of mahogany wood, it is solid and durable. This is a must-have during Pooja, upanayanam ceremony, marriage rituals and other religious rituals. They are also apt for Dhyana or meditation. Due to the general-purpose nature of the mahogany wood and the solid durability of this plank, this can be used by everyone, including to sit on and have a traditional lunch or dinner.

Colour, design and grains might vary slightly as this is a made of natural wood. The knots and marks occurring on natural wood is not a defect but adds to its beauty. To ensure they do not disturb the sturdiness we have used eco-friendly wood fillers.

Available in 2 sizes:

30.48 cm x 45.2 cm | 12" x 18"

15.24 cm x 10.16 cm | 6" x 4"


Customer Reviews

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Sanjay Kini

Very Good Quality and Finish. If you pray for more than 15 minutes sitting on the floor, then you should buy this product , as there might be a scientific reason why elders used it while doing puja.


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