DEVI - Resham Kamboj

DEVI - Resham Kamboj

Feb 29, 2024Soubhagya Barick

Resham believes that every event in her life is connected through divine coincidences and signals from the Universe. She into a family that practised healing in different forms. Her grandfather was a palmist and astrologist, and her mother, a reiki and tarot practitioner. From a young age, she was deeply compassionate and understood the language of intuitions and miracles. However, with no intention to pursue it professionally, she chose the fashion industry as her playground. She loved spirituality but only as a way of life. With her selection in the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, Resham claimed the perfect opportunity to make a grand entry into the world of fashion.

The Calling

In her leisure time, Resham started reading a book on tarot that she had bought long ago. Since nobody knew about her interest in tarot reading, Resham was startled when a teacher asked her to redesign the ‘Ganjifa’ cards. It was an assignment on the ‘History of Design’ and Ganjifa are traditional hand painted tarot cards of Indian origin. While working on it, Resham learned how these cards are linked to old Indian customs. The assignment piqued her curiosity but Resham’s academic achievements ushered her into the dazzling world of fashion. She interned with fashion magazines of international fame and many renowned brands.

During one such internship in a prominent brand’s ‘Fashion Week’, Resham again confronted the power of her intuition. In the middle of the show, she felt a strong urge to speak to her parents. She realized that she hadn’t spoken to them due to a hectic schedule and hadn’t checked on her maternal grandmother’s health, with whom she shared a deep bond. While Resham could ‘sense’ it strongly, she waited for the show to get over, and received the news of her grandmother’s death. Feeling guilty for not keeping in touch with her grandmother lately, Resham devoted herself to all rituals and practices to compensate for her absence in the time of need. And for the first time, Resham sought the guidance of a Guru.

First Teacher

After college, Resham was offered a job in Dublin, Ireland. She thought she had come far away from everything but it was just the beginning. With a divine coincidence once again, she found her first teacher in Zenia, a Post Graduate in Tarot Reading and her apartment’s housekeeper! Resham learned important lessons from Zenia and was also introduced to senior tarot practitioners in Dublin. She was delighted to see the integral role Hinduism played in all spiritual practices. People respected her for being an Indian, hailing from the land of ancient wisdom. Resham also became a member of the International Association of Therapists, with an access to different courses and members across the globe.

The Tree of Life

After returning to India, Resham faced challenges in her personal and professional life. Understanding how different realms of spirituality converged, she subscribed to some courses in traditional ways of healing. At the same time, Resham was expecting a child. She gained strength by worshiping Goddess Durga and found peace in following the divine teachings of the Buddha. She was fascinated by the ‘Tree of Life’ and the story of Buddha’s enlightenment. Subsequently, her daughter’s birth proved to be a turning point in her life. Resham found the courage to take some definite steps towards a spiritually evolved life. She believes that her daughter came to her as ‘Tree of Life’, enlightening Resham to find her own path. She devoted herself to becoming a certified spiritual healer and mentor.

Helping and Healing

Resham began sharing insightful posts on her Instagram account. Her ‘remedies’ became popular, especially among women from all walks of life. Having gone through a difficult phase herself, Resham resolved to help every woman who sought assistance. She mentored single mothers, widows and victims of domestic violence, and gave free sessions to those in need. With her love and guidance, she inspired them to become mentors themselves. During the pandemic when people sought solace through spiritual learning, Resham’s online initiative gained massive popularity.

The Young Achiever

Today, Resham has more than 66,000 clients and has trained around 20,000 students. She has mastered more than 30 healing and reading modalities and has completed more than 300 courses. Resham’s name appears in many top magazines and astrology shows on the television. Among significant others, she has been awarded as the most popular Tarot Card reader in India since 2021 and is the winner of the Indian Excellence Awards affiliated to the United Nations.  

Having received fame and recognition at a young age, Resham is humble about her achievements. She continues to help people through her work and unlock their true potential. Committed to her calling, Resham believes that through empowering others, we empower ourselves. 


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