DEVI - Vriti Gujral

DEVI - Vriti Gujral

Mar 01, 2024Soubhagya Barick

Fascinated by the mystical music of ‘ghunghroo’, Vriti decided to learn Kathak when she was six years old. Recognizing her capabilities, Vriti’s mother ensured she gets the right exposure to showcase her talent. She began learning Kathak in “Lucknow Gharana”. From facial expressions to intricate details of footwork, she practiced the classical dance form to perfection. With her mom’s support and Guru’s guidance, the sky was the limit!


Meeting the Legend

Once during a rehearsal, she was spotted by Pandit Birju Maharaj, the legend of Kathak. Impressed by the grace of an eleven-year-old, he invited Vriti to perform during his show at the World Cultural Festival. A solo Kathak recital for seven minutes! Realizing the magnitude of this opportunity and with just one week left to prepare, Vriti gave it all. On the final day, she went on the stage with a bandaged blister, her feet throbbing in pain. But little did she remember it when the spotlight fell on her.

As the minutes passed, Vriti experienced the ‘flow state’ – a sense of oneness between mind, body and her dance. While she was acutely aware of all the distinguished members of the Kathak community and connoisseurs of art sitting in the audience, she was absorbed in her dance beyond all distractions. Delighted by her performance, Pandit Birju Maharaj blessed her with a cash prize, a reward she continues to cherish. Meeting Maharaj Ji changed Vriti’s life. She acknowledged her passion for Kathak and decided to pursue it as a profession in the future.

Finding the right balance

Along with dance, Vriti ensures that she gives her best shot at academics as well. She’s focused, determined and respectfully follows her routine. She neither misses ‘riyaaz’ nor her tuitions. She’s big on discipline and treats it as one of the greatest virtues. She also believes that “family is an environment which affects our being” and is truly grateful for the encouraging environment at home. She emphasizes the school's role in her success and the importance of every individual who’s had her back through it all!

Vriti also strikes a fine balance between her admiration for western art and her love for Indian culture. She loves Hollywood and grooves to pop music like any other teenager. But what’s special is that Vriti always attempts at bringing East and West together. She has performed Kathak on English songs that have gained her many admirers.

Follow your Heart

Vriti follows her heart and continues to silence everyone who once questioned her choice. Amidst all contemporary dance forms, she makes Kathak look ‘cool’! Enlightened by ancient wisdom, Vriti understands that the joy of the soul outweighs people’s opinions. She finds a ‘spiritual connection’ with her art. When she’s performing, she surrenders to a higher state of consciousness which reflects in her act.

Her dream is to travel the world and showcase the beauty of Indian art and culture on Broadway!

Social Media

Vriti loves how social media provides a great platform to promote one’s talent in the virtual world, transcending geographical boundaries. However, she stresses the importance of maintaining quality over quantity. She hails Kathak as a repertoire of rich history and with that knowledge, she is mindful of every post she shares on her social media handles.

Awards and Achievements

Vriti received the “Global Child Prodigy Award 2020” in Dance Category for her exceptional talent in Kathak. During the 75th Indian Independence Day celebrations, ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, she was invited by the Cultural Ministry of India as one of the “40 Youth Icons of India”. She has performed on national television and holds various scholarships for her extraordinary talent. At a young age, Vriti has bagged innumerable awards. She’s been rewarded at many National and International platforms by renowned organizations and cultural societies. She’s a star in solo performances and a celebrated companion in a team.


Humbled by her accomplishments, she continues to worship Kathak and venerate her ideals. May she dance her way to her dreams!

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