Which is the best oil for Pooja at home?

Which is the best oil for Pooja at home?

Feb 28, 2024priyamvadha b

Lighting an oil lamp has been an age-old tradition in our country. In countless Indian households, the daily lighting of a lamp is a sacred ritual. Usually, the lady of the house lights it twice a day, once early in the morning and once around sunset.

Since ancient times, sesame (Til) oil, coconut oil and ghee have been used to light lamps. Today, options like Cycle Om Shanthi Pure Puja Oil, a blend of five pure puja oils- coconut oil, rice bran oil, sesame (Til) oil, castor oil, and Mahua oil - have emerged harmonising tradition with convenience. If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable puja oil for an enriched puja experience, we recommend Cycle Om Shanthi Pure Puja Oil. 

Benefits of using Cycle Om Shanthi Pure Puja Oil

Cycle Om Shanthi Pure Puja Oil is available in three fragrance variants - Jasmine, Parijatha and Navin (Tulsi).

Here are some benefits of using this pooja oil in your home:

  • The fragrance of Jasmine/Parijatha/Tulsi helps create a positive and spiritual atmosphere.
  • It helps energize your puja room to attract positive energy and divine blessings.
  • It helps cleanse the environment and promote peace, harmony, and prosperity.
  • It encourages relaxation and enhances focus during prayer or meditation.

*Oils that ignite our faith*

Each oil has its own uses and significance and quite often, they are lit to invoke the grace of particular deities.

*Coconut Oil* – It is said to invite the blessings of Lord Ganesha and a harmonious, happy family.

*Sesame Oil* – Lighting a sesame oil lamp is said to mitigate the effects of the planet Saturn and please Shani Dev and for devotees facing strong challenges.

*Castor Oil* – Lighting a diya with castor oil is said to bless one with fame, name, growth in profession and spiritual mastery.

*Mahua Oil* – This oil is also known as Iluppai Ennai. It is said to attract positive energy, financial prosperity and good health.

*Ghee* – Lighting a lamp using Desi Cow Ghee (cow ghee diya batti) is regarded highly auspicious and sacred. It is said to please Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga and attract prosperity to your home.

Tips to effectively use this pure pooja oil at home:

  • Firstly, clean the puja space and begin the task with a fresh, positivemindset or even better, a prayer of gratitude, morning and evening!   
  • Use a clean and dry diya (lamp) when lighting the oil.
  • Add a few drops of the oil in the hollow base of the diya.
  • Place the wick and ensure the tip is coated well with the oil and carefully light the diya.
  • Enjoy the pleasant fragrance of the oil, the positive ambience and begin your prayers. 

Vairaagya-Thaila-Sampoornae Bhakti-Varthi-Samanvitae

Prabhoedha-Poorna-Paathrae tu Jnyaapthi-Deepam-Viloekayaet

 According to this Sanskrit shloka, looking at the lamp, the soul fully awakens and shines with knowledge as the wick of devotion joins the vessel filled with the oil of detachment.

Every time we light the lamp, may it illuminate our hearts and minds with knowledge, hope and peace.


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