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Handcrafted Haldi Kumkum Bharani Set

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Rs. 325.00

Haldi and Kumkum are an integral part of Hindu culture and pooja rituals. No ritual is complete without Turmeric and Vermilion. 

The Handcrafted beautiful Kumkum and Turmeric holders from PujaRoom is made of ivory wood, meticulously crafted by traditional craftsmen and coated with lacquer; an eco-friendly, non-toxic polish.

Wrightia Tinctoria wood is generally considered safe and is extensively used in the making of wooden toys for children. These are seasoned naturally and are safe on skin. It is then polished with non-toxic natural and organic colours vide the traditional lac-turnery technique. 

Place these elegant pair of Barani coated with eco-friendly polish to make your pooja space look more auspicious and traditional.

Directions For Use:

  • Wipe with a soft wet cloth. Soaking the product in water will lead to peeling of the lacquer coating.
  • Material – Ivory Wood / Wrightia Tinctoria wood / Hale Mara
  • Finish – Natural and organic lacquer finish
  • Handcrafted and lacquered using natural & organic dyes.

Available as 1 Pair of Red and Yellow Color Holders.
*These products are made of naturally occurring wood and are handmade by different artisans. The received product may slightly vary from the pictured product. Please be aware that wood is expected to have natural imperfections like varying grain structure, colour, texture, and knots. These cannot be considered as damaged or as defects.
Each of our handcrafted products is one of a kind. We cannot guarantee that all our products appear exactly as the others as each of them is handmade by different artisans.
Pack Content : Material Wooden - Ivory Wood / Wrightia Tinctoria
Size : 6.8cms x 8cms

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It is bigger and good looking !!!

Umesh ramchandra kapadi

Excellent value for money.