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Woolen Dhavali Asana for Meditation and Puja

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Rs. 300.00
Meditation or Japa is said to activate the chakras in our body and generate energy. This energy tends to get absorbed by the ground when we sit on the floor. Hence, it is important to pray or meditate on an Asana which acts as an insulator and prevents energy drain.
Our Vedic scriptures recommend seats made of wool, blanket, cloth, deer skin and tiger skin for a sanctified prayer experience. However, animal skin being illegal, sheep wool is the most preferred alternative in today’s times.  
Dhavali Woollen Asana is handwoven with sheep wool. An apt replacement for Krishnajina, it is a comfortable Asana that helps conserve your energy and keep your body warm.  
Like yoga mats, it is advisable to use our own Asana and not share it with others.  
Dhavali is considered as ‘Eka Vastra’. It can be used just like Madi Panche/Dhoti.  
Made for meditation or Japa, this Dhavali is also a suitable for carrying it for pilgrimages.

Avoid having food on a Dhavali to retain its Madi (auspiciousness) quality. If at all one eats food while seated on it, please wash it before re-use.  
It is durable and can be washed after every 3 - 4 uses.
Gentle hand wash is recommended.
Size : 24 inch x 18 inch / 60.96cm x 45.72cm
Item Form : Seating Mat

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Omprakash Parashar

Smaller in size for the price. Pic shown is not appropriate.


Appropriate one. It served the purpose.


A seat must for meditation