Cycle is empowered by women. Since 1948

In an age where the thrust for women’s equality at the workplace is all the rage, here’s a company that has silently been showing how women are to be treated at the workplace, since 1948.  

“Over 70% of our workforce are women. It’s been that way since we started, three generations ago, in 1948. You could say that our products are powered by women. And every time a customer prays with our products, it empowers the women who make them. It’s a cycle, really.” says Mr. Arjun Ranga, with a smile. 

“We chose the timeless chant of “Aigiri Nandini” for the film because it extols the divine virtues of the goddess Chamundeshwari whose abode, Mysore, is where the brand was born and has been headquartered since 1948. The women at Cycle are proud of the work they do, and the fact that the products they make enables the prayers of people in over 65 countries. 

The hashtag #AllEqualAtCycle captures the company philosophy of being a flat organisation where everyone is on the same level playing field, and performing to the best of their abilities, irrespective of gender or designation. For us, every day is women’s day at cycle” Says, UmaBai, a lady who wears many hats at Cycle Pure Agarbathies.

Cycle Pure Agarbathies have just released a stunning film to celebrate women’s day.