How to perform Sri Ram Navami Puja?

Thank you for purchasing the Vedic Parampara Sri Ram Navami Puja Kit.

While Sri Rama Puja can be performed on any day, Sri Rama Navami Puja is celebrated yearly on Chitra Shuddha Navami.

The Puja Vidhanam for Sri Rama Navami Puja is available here in 3 parts:

Step 1: Introduction to the Puja

Here, we give

  • A small introduction to Lord Sri Ramachandra along with auspicious to perform the Puja.
  • A list of all the necessary Puja samagri (material) required to perform the Puja with a list of products included in the Puja kit and a list of products that we would require to be kept ready by the devotee before the Puja.

Step 2: Puja Preparations

This video provides the suggested Placement of all the Puja Samagri (material) as per the template provided.

Step 3: Sri Ramanavami Puja Vidhana

In this video, we provide a step-by-step guide to perform the Puja.

  • When mantras are being chanted, the AV has been slowed so that you may choose to recite it along with the video.
  • Naivedya and traditional offerings are to be kept handy and ready.
  • The Puja area and the idol is to be kept undisturbed until the end of the Puja.

We hope you enjoyed performing the Sri Ram Navami Puja with our puja kit.