How to Use Desi Gau Agnihotra Kit?

Worship is offered to God in various ways. It is customary to offer Shodashopachara, one of the sixteen types of rituals; which has its own divine and spiritual significance. There is also the idea that worship of God is incomplete without incense.  The pleasing aromas hidden in the splendor of nature are dedicated to God and the tradition of offering incense has been practiced since ancient times. Desi Ghee and Upla that are available from the Punyakoti (Sacred cow), which is considered to be the abode of the deities is usually used in generating Dhoop. It is also said that burning Upla with Ghee is one of the best ways to purify the surroundings.

This kit is our humble initiative to provide a simple yet complete procedure of generating Dhoop along with the essentials necessary to generate it.

We wish to celebrate, continue and propagate our Indian tradition and culture by enabling simple yet generically uncompromising Puja experience as per our Indian traditions.

Thank you for purchasing the Desi Gau Agnihotra Kit. Please find a video below on how to use the Desi Gau Agnihotra Kit.