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Thirunamam Vadakalai with Shankha Chakra for Puja


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Lord Venkateshwara also popular as Balaji is revered as the Lord of the Kaliyuga. Thirunamam is a symbolic representation of the Great Lord himself and is considered extremely auspicious. Thiru means Sacred and Namam means Name. Hence Thirunama represents the sacred name of the Great Balaji. Devotees wear it as a mark of veneration to Lord Balaji.

The Wooden Thirunamam is always accompanied by a Shankha (Conch) and Chakra (Wheel) and sometimes also includes Garuda (the Vahana of Maha Vishnu) and Lord Hanuman (his ardent Devotee).

Devotees prefer to place the figurine of Thirunama with Shankha Chakra in their homes, pooja room, above the pooja mantap, work desk, meditation rooms, etc as it is believed to induce positive vibes in the ambiance. Calmness and divine aura permeate from it. 

This Thirunama is made of rosewood and has intricate carvings. This exquisite artifact is carved and made to precision with great care for the numerous devotees out there who wish to place this holy figurine in a sacred spot in their homes and offer obeisance to it. It also forms a wonderful gift for your dear ones during special occasions.

Colour: Natural Reddish Brown, Rosewood color.

Directions For Use:
  1.     Wipe with a soft wet cloth. 
  2.     Do not soak the product in water.
  3.     Delicately carved, do not drop from height.
  4.     The colour and grains are natural occurrences of rosewood and may vary as each product is handcrafted separately.

Available in two variants –
  1. Thirunamam Vadagalai With Prabhavali (PRTVP3100) – LXBXH: 19cmX3cmX13cm
  2. Thirunamam Vadagalai  (PRTVR2900) – LXBXH: 19cmX3cmX9cms

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K Seshadri Kalyanaraman

Product is very good...Highly recommended... am also love this product...ȕ͕͟͠͠ (` Ƞ ȯ`)..ȵn͠ nqȠ Ǖdͤ Y͕͠.. ͠ ͕ ͤ Z͚Ƞ n͠ (thick stick )Ư͕ͱ͠.ͪͤ͠ ͠͠ Ʋdͤn͠..