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Woolen Dhavali Vastra


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Made of Woolen Yarn, Dhavali/Davali is considered as ‘EkaVastra’.  It can be used just like Madi Panche/Dhoti.  Being considered madi it is normally used to get ‘Madi Neeru’ (water for Pooja) and as a garment before wearing Madi Vastra. 

Madi Clothes must be washed after every use, however there are certain fabrics that get exempted from frequent wash. It must be noted that every madi cloth must be washed before reuse if the wearer has meals wearing it. From the following sayings of the elders, we learn that there are certain fabrics that are considered auspicious and can be reused a specific number of times without having to wash them after every use. 

Madi Panche must be washed every time after using it for Sandhya Vandana/ pooja.

Silk can be used for three days for Sandhya Vandana/ pooja. It must be washed even if it is used only once before being reused if one takes a meal wearing it. 

Kalnaaru Madi – for a week

Davali is extremely auspicious and is not bound by such restrictions. It can be used for a long time. Hence it is a must for every pooja rituals.

One can take food wearing Dhavli, but it must be washed before reuse. It is advisable to avoid having food in a Dhavali to retain its auspiciousness.

Size : 7 Maale, (3.25 mts),120”x 41”, 304 cm x 104 cm |8 Maale, (3.75 mts),144” x 39.5”, 365 cm x 100 cm.

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