Most Famous Maha Ganapati Temples - Part 1

Most Famous Maha Ganapati Temples - Part 1

Mar 01, 2024Soubhagya Barick

Famous Maha Ganapati Temples - I  

Vinayaka, also known as Ganapati, has many temples in every Indian state. Some temples are very special and popular among devotees. 

 - By Dr. K. Kumar. 

Kottarakara Sri Maha Ganapati Temple

Sri Maha Ganapati Temple is located in Kottarakara, a small town in Kollam District, Kerala.

This temple was earlier known as Kizhakke Kara (Eastern side) Shiva Temple. But later, due to rising popularity, it came to be known as Sri Maha Ganapati Temple in Kottarakara.

Ganesha is usually depicted in all temples with Modak. However, this Maha Ganapati, made with Jackfruit Tree, is seen holding an Appam in his hand. He is considered a lover of Neyyappa (sweet dish made with special ghee). Also known as 'Unniyappam', it is a popular offering in this temple.

Sri Maha Ganapati Temple, Gokarna

Gokarna is about 180 km from Udupi in Karnataka.

The Maha Ganapati Temple was built here to celebrate Lord Ganesha for having saved the Atmalingam by deftly tricking Ravana.

Mahabaleshwar, meaning Lord Eshwara of great strength, is enshrined here. 

It is customary for devotees to pay obeisance to the 1.3-meter-high black stone Ganapati idol here before going to the Mahabaleshwar temple.

Idagunji Maha Ganapati

Known as Idagunji, this spiritual place near Mangalore in Karnataka, is very popular among Hindu pilgrims. The Ganapati temple here is known as Madoba Shree Ganesha Devaru. His right hand holds a lotus bud and a modak in other hand.

A large Nandi sits at the forefront. The divine sage Narada stands on the left, while the sage Valakhilya sits on the right, engrossed in penance. Believed to be from the 4th century, the main idol of Lord Ganesha is housed in the inner sanctum. 

Idagunji is one of the six famous Ganesha shrines on the western coast of South India, popularly known as the 'Ganesha Beaches'. Other temples include those in Kasaragod, Mangalore, Anegudde, Kundapura and Gokarna.

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